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Here is an important excerpt from a blog posted April 11, 2006 More information about the "Millionaire Trader Program" is below this important message.

Many, MANY of you have requested a higher involvement from us in assisting you with your actual trading. We have had numerous requests for personalized mentorship training, and some of you have offered to pay large sums of money for this privilege. By now I have turned down six-figures of offers for my time to do personalized training. Why? Two reasons actually. Reason 1 if someone pays me $10,000+ (which Ive been offered a number of times) it is actually not worth my time; I could make more myself during the time Id be coaching someone, and I dont like the feeling of obligation that would result theyd feel like they somehow own me my valuable time. Reason 2 sure, I could easily make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by coaching a small handful of people, but if you understand me and my ambitions youd realize that I actually want to make a profound impact on the lives of many people, not just a few people (who are already rich enough to be able to afford me). I want to help YOU!!!

Some form of personalized mentorship has been on my mind for the past couple of years. The biggest problem was not my desire to DO it, but rather I didnt know HOW to do it. How could I possibly create a system that would handle a significant amount of people to train them effectively and have a dramatically positive impact for everyone??? Ive held this question in my mind for a very long time, and bit by bit revelations occurred to me about how to pull this off. Over the past year Ive been exposed to various interesting Internet tools and have had the privilege of learning from some experts in a variety of specialized fields. From all this Ive synthesized a strategy that will work to help train people in Forex trading, and finally, with much anticipation from many of you, I know how to implement this long time desire. What many of you have been wanting will now be reality, and so the Millionaire Trader Program is ready to be born.

Im working on an informational web page that will explain the MTP (Millionaire Trader Program for short) and hope to have it uploaded soon. It will explain in further depth what I have in mind for the program, and I believe that youll be salivating by the time you finish reading it. Bottom line is that it is
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my intention that through this program you get what you need to thrust you to becoming a millionaire through Forex.

Here is what is important for you to know about it¦

I am going to dedicate one year of my life to this program; 12 months. Itll be a kind of one year course. Beyond this one year time frame I honestly dont know if I will do it ever again honestly I probably wont (Ill certainly want to take a break from it at the very least). This will probably be your only chance to participate. If you are interested in this then keep reading for an important point about all of this¦

The year long course will begin in September 2006, just like when school normally starts, and it will end a year later in August 2007 (unless I decide to extend it, depending upon how things go). In order for me to commit to this year long project, and to be ready to start it in September, Ill have to do a lot of work throughout this summer to build the infrastructure of the Millionaire Trader Program. But before I go ahead to spend many many hours to build it I will first need something from YOU. I need to know that you really want this and that you are also committed to this year long program. Bottom lines is that if there isnt enough interest from all of you then I simply wont waste months of my time building this, but if enough of you prove your interest then I will build it. Im sure you can understand my reluctance to wasting my time, so if you really want for me to do this then please demonstrate your interest in the following way.

I will soon have a page up on (note: you are actually on this page now) that will explain in a nutshell what the program will be about. If it is of interest to you then youll need to get the Supreme Trader Package as the actual link to the registration page will only be accessible through the Supreme Trader Package. If you havent already purchased it then of course go ahead and get it now. The reason the invitation link to the registration page is only inside THAT package is because obviously that will be your main training manual, like a College/University text book, and it is a prerequisite to participating in the Millionaire Trader Program. Of course there will be a small fee to join the MTP, but it will be tiny compared to the fee you would normally have to pay me for my time¦ and for a very limited time, ending May 1, 2006, Im going to do an early-bird registration discount a HUGE discount too. Bottom line is that Ill be watching how many people sign up for the early-bird discount before May 1, 2006, and depending upon how many people declare their actual interest, demonstrated by their commitment of signing up, Ill decide whether to go ahead with the Millionaire Trader Program for September 2006 or not. If I dont go ahead with it, because of insufficient interest, then Ill simply refund the fees paid to everyone who enrolled. If you want for the Millionaire Trader Program to happen then you MUST enroll now, before May 1st to secure your very limited time discount (by far the cheapest it will ever be) and to ensure that the MTP program even gets off the ground. Do you want it? Of course you do! Be sure to register ASAP!

What is the Millionaire Trader Program?

The MTP (short for Millionaire Trader Program) is a 12 month long Forex trading course and a collaborative trading support group. The primary objective of the MTP program is for the participants to develop proficiency as a Forex trader, and the secondary objective is for the participants to work towards their own goal in becoming a multi-millionaire through Forex trading.

The MTP program will be suitable for complete beginners and for those already experienced with Forex trading. The MTP program also recognizes that each participant will have various levels of commitment due to individual life circumstances, and so the MTP structure will be suitable for people who may only devote a limited part-time effort towards learning trading, but the MTP will also provide sufficient stimulation suitable for those people who intend to put a significant level of effort towards learning trading. Remember though, you will get out of it what you put into it.

The MTP program will start in September 2006 and will last through a 12 month process that will incrementally guide the participants through the realizations of both the primary and secondary objectives mentioned above. As with any structured educational program, there will be lessons and assignments intended to cultivate a deeper understanding of the topic for the purpose of Forex trading. Tests will be provided for self-evaluation of comprehension, but graduation from the program is not based upon achieving a grade. You may choose to participate in this program simply for the opportunity to learn through the experience, however a certificate of graduation will be issued to those who demonstrate that they have made over $1 Million through their trading efforts (which may be completed after the conclusion of the 12 month MTP program). By reaching the $1 Million goal (the final exam) you will have demonstrated that you have successfully integrated the techniques and concepts taught within this program, and have achieved the ultimate objective that is implied by the name of the program the Millionaire Trader Program.

Super-Early-Bird Registration

Read through the entire special message (above in the yellow box) to understand why there is this super-special early-bird registration. Briefly, the reason for this super-special deal, as explained in the message above, is that I need to know that YOU are committed to this MTP program before I spend countless hours working throughout the summer to build the infrastructure prepare for the MTP program which will start in September 2006. If enough people register for the program before May 1, 2006 then the MTP program will happen. If there is insufficient interest (as demonstrated by the amount of people registering before May 1, 2006) then the MTP program will be canceled and the registration fees will be 100% refunded to all those who have enrolled. There will be a humongous discount (about 70% off - by far the cheapest it will ever be offered) for those who enroll in "good faith" before May 1, 2006.

Prerequisite to Enrolling in MTP

As with any educational institution you will require the appropriate text books which will be the companion of the course. The MTP program will be based upon the Supreme Trader Package, and it is the prerequisite to participating in the MTP program. Any further supplementary materials will be provided to the MTP participants. It is recommended that you go through the Supreme Trader Package during the summer to get a head start before the start of the MTP program in September 2006.

How To Enroll in MTP

Since the prerequisite to MTP is having the Supreme Trader Package the link to register for MTP is contained within it. Further details about the MTP program, including the enrollment fees, is accessible through the special link only available through the Supreme Trader Package. That link will be accessible as of April 14, 2006.

This Will Change Your Life!
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IMPORTANT - Your action is required before May 1, 2006 deadline. Read this whole page NOW so you don't miss out on this awesome opportunity!!!

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